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miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

google copied their new design from this blog (humour)

all of you have already noticed the new menu bar that google placed on his search engine as well as on all his web applications. you find it pretty right....but don't you also find it familiar? yes, you are right! they copied their design from this blog :) our design that took ages to be developed, with the most advanced AI complexity and using the same algorithms as missile guidance systems :D

* google's new menu bar *
* losojosdeella.com's menu bar added like a month and a half ago *

don't they look the same? it's quite obvious, right? but if you still don't believe it, here you go some additional proofs of how people at google kept on accessing this web with the clear purpose of spying us from their headquarters in mountain view (it's amazing how google analytics betrays it's father google)

from this blog, despite our anger, we would like to encourage google to keep on copying our design as with no doubts that will benefit everybody...so dear google people: this is our suggestion of how your webpage should look like in the close future, the so called next steps:

so please help spread the word against these internet tyrants.... :)

(to avoid any type of misunderstandings, this post is just a joke and in no way we are actually accussing google to have copied this blog's super simple design which anyways is shared by thousands of blogs in the internet)


Lance Damon Bliss dijo...

Wow. your right. http://www.7slocal.com

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